December 30


Staff goes above and beyond

By T A

December 30, 2020

Like many I struggled with finding the right daycare to entrust with my children when mat leave passed oh too quickly and I had to return to the office, in my case a long commute from my home in Burlington.  We researched and talked to everyone we knew, checked out lots of places and finally found the place that just felt right.

We joined the Happy Beginnings family when my oldest was 15 months and my youngest joined at the same age 3 years later.  From the very start the staff at HB were exceptionally warm and caring with both my girls who grew to love their teachers there.  You can tell from their interactions that they are genuinely fond of the kids in their care, and go above and beyond to make them feel safe, secure and loved – what all little kids need more than anything!

We found HB to be very accommodating to our needs,  offer a wide range of programs including PA Days, Summer and holiday breaks,  before and after programs and even transportation to our kids school so we were fortunate enough to have consistent care all through their early years – what kids also need more than anything!

The wonderful staff at HB played an integral part in our kids early development and in our somewhat hectic lives – something for which we will forever be grateful – thanks ladies!!

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