From Our Clients

Both my Kids have gone to Happy Beginnings so we’ve been with them for the last 5 and a half years. They have always been incredible both with the kids but also as an organization. The kids have received fantastic care, I always know they are well looked after and they are learning and having fun. The size of the centre has been perfect- the staff all know the kids well. I would not hesitate to recommend them. Emma E
As a parent I entrust my greatest blessing to the staff of Happy Beginnings everyday, and I am grateful for the loving care my son receives. I pick up mu son and he is happy. That is all I can ever ask. Nadine S
My Son has been at Happy Beginnings in the pre school program for only a couple of months now, but it has been the quickest he has ever adjusted to a new daycare setting. On day 2 he told us that this daycare is great for playing and he goes in with excitement every morning. We have moved around quite a bit and this has never been the case before. We are grateful to his teachers and the support staff for making this experience such a positive one for my son and ourselves. They are kind, loving people and great educators whose joy is. contagious Miruna B
Like many I struggles to find the right daycare for my children when mat leave passed oh too quickly and I had to return to the office , in my case a long commute from our home in Burlington, We researched and talked to everyone we knew, checking out lots of places and finally found the place that just felt right. We joined the Happy Beginnings family when my oldest was 15 months and my youngest joined 3 years later at the same age. From teh very start the staff at HB were exceptionally warm and caring with both my girls, both grew to love their teachers there. You can tell from their interactions that they are genuinely found of the kids in their care and go above and beyond to make them feel safe, secure and loved- what all kids need more then anything We found HB to be very accommodating to our needs, offer a wide range of programs including PA days summer and holiday breaks, before and after school programs and they even do transportation! We are fortunate enough to have consistent care through all their early years- what kids also need more then anything. The wonderful staff of HB played an intrigue part in our kids early development and in our somewhat hectic life Something for which we will forever be grateful! Thanks Ladies! Nadine K
I was so lucky when I found Happy Beginnings for my daughters, I was a newly single morn with 2 girls under the age of 3. Not only did they ladies there love and take care of my girls, but they loved and took care of me through many hard times , they were always there to chat with me and reassure me that everything would be okay, I am blessed to still have some of them in my life even though my girls have moved on, not only will your children be treated like family but you will too. Krystal H
My Daughter attended Happy Beginnings for over 6 years and I don’t even know where to begin to thank them for everything they have done for us! Each and everyone of them who have all been there the entire time she attended, has played such an important role in helping her learn and grow. As a parent you feel that nobody is going to take care of your child like you do , but from day 1 those worries disappeared and I knew she was in good hands. Its hard to even put into words the positive impact they all had on both of us bit I will forever be grateful that we were lucky enough to have such amazing people in our lives on a daily basis. We will miss you all so much! Jessica J
I am very thankful for these ladies,They took wonderful care of my daughter from 12 months old to 3 yrs old, Happy Beginnings is one of the best! They have been amazing and always cared so much for her. It is also easy for me to recommend for parents who want the best experience for their children! The staff, the supervisor and the owners are all well trained and families just love the centre! They provide an incredible program and my daughter has flourished well beyond expectations. They take the time to work with each child and create fun lesson plans to engage the kids. Happy beginnings is a great asset for families and the children always love their experience there. Cassie C
If you are looking for a childcare in Burlington, I highly recommend Happy Beginnings. If you want a childcare that feels as though it is a second home then you will definitely find that here! My Kids have been going to Happy Beginnings since 2019 and it has been the best decision for us. Domenica 0