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Every child learns in a different way!

Happy Beginnings prides itself on its relationship with each family so that we can provide an atmosphere that promotes exceptional childcare providing a warm and safe environment.

Every child should be treated with respect and dignity. Children thrive and learn best when their interested in what they are learning …. All planning is done based on the children’s interests and passions as they learn through play and encouragement from the teachers.

  • A safe and healthy environment
  • Be able to express their feelings
  • Explore, experiment, problem solve, ask questions
  • Be independent as they achieve their tasks in their own way at their own speed



Happy Beginnings is huge fans of supporting local businesses and charities…

The Burlington Food bank
Toy Mountain toy drives
Milk bag collection to make mats for the homeless
Walk-a-thons for local charities
Supporting local businesses by buying from them for prizes and raffles and special days

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